Memel.Global Convening at the 2017 National Cohousing Conference

Memel.Global Convening at the
2017 National Cohousing Conference
Nashville, Tennessee
Friday, May 19, 2017

Coho/US board member Steven Ablondi retired to the mountains of South Africa and promoted an organic cohousing community in which to live. His wife Cindy Burns formed SheWinS as an after school program for girls. Bryan Bowen came multiple times and designed and built a rammed-earth “cohousing-like” community in the black township. Foreigners and South Africans alike love to visit. One thing led to another. A cohousing community became a budding eco-village. And now Memel.Global L3C is pursuing racial justice, eco-system preservation and is the jobs and economic development plan for the town of Memel.

Come join us in Nashville at the 2017 National Cohousing Conference as we support the beginnings of Memel.Global, and ensure a successful and capitalized launch.

Thursday 7:00 pm, May 18
What’s happening in South Africa?
Social gathering, to include remarks from Josie Rowe-Setz a top consultant from Johannesburg, responsible for creating and administering the Business Development Forum that led to Memel.Global's full political support from the South African government.
By invitation. Please send your inquiry to conference [at] cohousing [dot] org

Friday, May 19

8:00 am - 1:30 pm (includes lunch)
Memel.Global Steering Committee
By invitation/membership. Please send your inquiry to

1:30 - 3:30 pm pre-conference intensive
Building Skills & Community in South Africa: David Wann
David Wann is an author, filmmaker, and speaker on the topic of sustainable lifestyles and designs. A former policy analyst for the U.S. EPA, David co-designed the cohousing community where he lives, in Colorado. David is close to completing a novel, Waiting for Q, which chronicles the lives of eight culture-creating characters from the illustrious Boomer generation, whose convictions and life experience are now urgently needed as a buffer against insanity.
Registration required; open to all participants of the Cohousing Conference

4:00 - 5:30 pm (optional)
Tour of Germantown Commons Cohousing Community with architect and Memel.Global leader Bryan Bowen
Bryan graduated from Carnegie Mellon and is a principal architect at Caddis P.C., a multidisciplinary design collaborative in Boulder, Colorado. Since 1995, Bryan has been dedicated to the design of neighborhoods and eco-buildings, all with the vision of making baby steps towards a sustainable permaculture planet. Bryan has designed several cohousing communities, including Germantown Commons, and portions of Memel.Global. Bryan maintains community involvement through layers of volunteerism and sits on the Wild Sage Cohousing HOA board, where he lives with his family.
By invitation.

6:00 pm (optional)
Dinner and Keynote with Sarah van Gelder, founder of YES! Magazine and Winslow Cohousing

8:30 pm (optional)
Networking and Nashville Fun

Saturday, May 20 - Suggested Opportunities (optional)
8:30 am - 10:00 am
Cohousing 101 with Grace Kim and Laura Fitch

10:30 - 12:00 noon
More Than Cohousing (profiling cohousing or cohousing-like communities with a social mission) with Bryan Bowen, Laura Fitch, Ty Albright and Steven Ablondi

Memel.Global Registration Fees


$340.00 (special price) - Full registration to the 2017 National Cohousing Conference. Includes all Memel.Global and Cohousing Conference offerings from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon

$250.00 - Memel.Global package includes all Memel.Global offerings; cohousing community tour with Bryan Bowen; keynote dinner; and two cohousing conference sessions
Thursday evening through Saturday 11:45 am.

$125.00 - Memel.Global mini-package includes only Memel.Global offerings
Thursday evening through Friday mid afternoon

To register: Make a donation to the Cohousing Association of the US, and check "Memel.Global."
Executive Director Alice Alexander will process your registration.

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