Middlesex Senior Cohousing

Belmont, Massachusetts

We are a group of four households aged 50+ in the Metro North & West areas of Boston aiming to build the first senior cohousing development in New England. A core group began meeting in January 2017. We have created six strategic goals and are pursuing them. These are: to grow the group, create a vision and goals statement, get training in consensus decision making and facilitation, build group identity and connections, start searching for land, and engage professionals in a timely way.
Our founders began laying the groundwork for this project in February 2016. Over the following months, they ran public information meetings for nearly 150 people and ran a 10-week workshop called “Aging Successfully in Community” for nearly 30 people. They wrote articles, got interviewed, and met with town planners, developers, architects, and cohousing consultants. In the course of three months, their original mailing list of 100 people ballooned to 350 people.

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