Spokane Cohousing

Spokane, Washington

Spokane Cohousing formed around the opportunity to develop a beautiful 3 acre property in the South Perry neighborhood. It's on a bus line. The site is within walking distance to the neighborhood business district, bike trails, and parks. Over the past 30 years the current property owners have restored the historic home, built a beautiful, green apartments, and cultivated a large organic garden which we plan to preserve and expand on.
We envision an intergenerational village that is close to down town Spokane. With clustered townhouses and flats to maximize efficiency, interaction, and green space. Where we share skills and facilities where it makes sense and respect privacy and independence where it is needed and desired. We right size our lives to limit our ecological footprint. We strive for a decision making and group process that is inclusive, as simple as possible, and flexible.

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