The Mariposa Group

Bivins, Texas

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The Mariposa Group is about deep friendship along with physical and financial security—our land is paid for. Houses are being paid for as they are built. We are developing ways in which time, personal energy, and financial resources can brought together so as to minimize the personal risk that any individual may experience in the areas of physical and financial security.
We focus on personal and interpersonal resonance, comfort and self-esteem, and emphasize and practice methods of self-knowledge, meditation, friendship, intimacy, interpersonal communication, and interaction that promote respect, comfort, and trust between individuals, such that relationships have their basis in these qualities.
We value freedom for higher levels of personal & spiritual development interacting together in a loving, down to earth expression. We explore, develop, and promote ways of joyfully enhancing fully free personal development; in short, to create a community space where there is more opportunity for people in a loving, supportive, free, and responsible environment to truly and fully enjoy life.
It's about manifesting "Love, Truth, & Joy" in our community environment and making a contribution to the world at the same time.

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