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Press Release: Attached below. You may want to create your own or refer local media to our National Cohousing Open House 2017 webpage and this great resource: State of Cohousing in the US: An Innovative Model of Sustainable Neighborhoods Email Promo: Click here for promotional language you can...
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Check out the list of participating communities from 2016! We invite you and all cohousing communities - established, building or forming - to open your doors for public visitors and to showcase your community. To participate, fill out this form. A visit is worth a thousand words in...
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Scroll down to view and link to Communities participating in the National Cohousing Open House Day on April 29, 2017. For more information, click here. Arizona Manzanita Village Living in Community 258 Benjamin Dr Prescott, Arizona 86303 3:00 - 7:00 pm
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Californians had a lot of choices for where to visit last Saturday the 30th for Cohousing Open House Day. From Arcata to L.A. to the Bay and Sierra Foothills in-between, 19 communities participated - more than any other state (though you came close, Massachusetts). I had the treat of touring Muir...
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It feels like Thanksgiving for Cohousers! You know what its like for those hosting Thanksgiving, right? Preparing extra special treats, cleaning a little bit more than usual, coordinating who is doing what, and mostly... preparing and getting excited for the guests to arrive! That's what we have...
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We're excited to participate in the upcoming National Cohousing Open House Day. Our home community, Berkeley (CA) Cohousing, has had low turnover (no resales in over 12 years!), and only rarely welcomes outside groups, but we're opening up for a few hours on Saturday, April 30. We're a smaller...
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Have you registered for the unique opportunity to promote your community along with others around the country through the National Cohousing Open House Day coming up (Sat) April 30, 2016? This will be a great way to strengthen the bonds within and between communities while lengthening your waiting...
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Coho/US is initiating a National Open House Day! Whatever these words may bring up for you, one thing is for sure - just as cohousing itself is a collaborative process and group effort, a living example that the whole indeed is greater than the sum of its part, it will be with this event as well....
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