Wildflower Ecovillage

Dallas east rural: Hunt County, Texas

An ecovillage community is forming in an area east of Dallas. We will locate in a rural area within reasonable commuting distance to Dallas-Fort Worth--probably in Hunt County. Our main purposes are community and sustainable living.
We grow all or most of our own food--always all organic--no chemicals are used on this property.
We will share some buildings, optional meals, some tools, and live as a helpful community.
Homes: Our homes are affordable, super energy efficient, zero-energy with solar electricity, solar hot water, and rainwater harvesting. Members own their own home and we do not share income.
We will build from compresses earth blocks (adobe). We have had the earth in this area tested for strength. This means that much building can be DIY if that is your choice.
The ecovillage is laid out following Permaculture principles and practices.
Water: Our water is secure. We have diverse water in an area with 40" average annual rainfall: Rainwater harvesting, well(s) from a clean aquifer, pond(s), swales, and other Permacultue Earthworks
There are several nearby large reserviors for recreation.
Community: This is a community with diversity of ages, races, and religions.
Farming: We farm organically via Permaculture zones, community gardens, private gardens, and food forests.
Land: We have the finances to buy land now and will buy land in 2013 in order to start working the land. Building in 2013 is not required, though.
Learning and Training: We have had, and will continue to have, classes and hands-on experience in topics such as organic farming, growing fruits and vegetables, food forests, earthworks, green building, Permaculture, solar hot water, solar electricity, building with compressed earth blocks, rain water harvesting, off-the-grid living, and many homesteading skills.
You can reach Terry for more information by calling 972 251-1532

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