Aging in Cohousing

Corazón core group at first workshop.  Photo by Marianne Kilkenny

In 2017, Coho/US created a new Aging in Cohousing initiative to support the creation of age-friendly cohousing communities in the U.S. - both multi-generational and senior only. Our goal is to empower cohousing communities to create physical and social environments that allow people to flourish as they get older.

Age-friendly communities are proactively designed, or retrofitted, to support aging in community and some level of co-care for aging members. The grounds and buildings incorporate universal design and the hard conversations about issues of aging are taking place. An aging in community committee is formed, an outreach/advocacy program is put in place, and the community policies are written or changed to easily adapt to the changing needs and abilities of community members; regardless of their age or circumstance.

If you would like to get involved through committee work, providing resources, or collaborative partnerships please contact us at aging [at] cohousing [dot] org

Aging in Cohousing Initiative Goals:

o Help communities capitalize on the opportunities and meet the challenges of an aging population
o Provide resources - ideas, information, inspiration, and connections
o Seek out opportunities for cohousing to address long-term care solutions
o Create collaborative partnerships
o Support research efforts in partnership with the Cohousing Research Network
o Affect public policy by proposing model language and practices based on research

Click here for a list of Senior Cohousing Communities Completed and In-Process

[Editor's Note: Come to the Aging Better Together Conference and join Laird's pre-conference intensive: "Community Conversations about Aging: What You Need to Talk about and How”] Almost all...
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