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PETS. We decided to include our county animal regulations verbatim. They include: Infractions: Animal Noise: For any person(s) to own any animal which by its barking, howling, baying, squealing, crowing, crying, bleating, screeching, or making any other noise by its volume or...
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Responsibilities of the child care steward include: • Maintaining an awareness of the value and importance of childcare, education and play within the EcoReality community. • Access to and knowledge of all previous formal and informal agreements regarding childcare made by EcoReality members...
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*Kids Agreements are posted in the playroom on the bulletin board. Use of Space • The Playroom is a space for loud play with boisterous movement. • Children and children who are guests must be informed about our playroom agreements. • The playroom is open to all ages at all times...
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