Cohousing in the News

How to get cohousing happening: the Newcastle story
The Fifth Estate
In recent times Karen Deegan has organised four families to buy a piece of land together to build a co-housing development in Newcastle in NSW, and she notes there are others with similar ideas.

Peterborough group seeking to make housing communal and neighbourly again
For some, that's a concept in the distant past that a group in Peterborough is hoping to resurrect. On June 19, architect Scott Donovan is hosting a presentation alongside those with experience in the co-housing model. Donovan describes co-housing as a ...

Learn about cohousing and how it could affect Peterborough at presentation on June 19
What is cohousing and how could it affect Peterborough neighbourhoods? That's the question a public presentation is hoping to answer at the Gathering Room at the Mount Community Centre on June 19. The presentation, going from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., will ...

La Repubblica

Cohousing. L'arte di vivere insieme
La Repubblica
Cohousing. L'arte di vivere insieme. Una pratica guida alle forme dell'abitare collaborativo illustra tutte le esperienze nate in Italia. Il volume è arricchito dai racconti di chi ha sperimentato la vita condivisa per offrire utili suggerimenti a chi ...