Policy Example: Authorized Teams: Roles and Responsibilities

A team job description is the working mandate of the team approved by the community. Job descriptions are written by the members of the start-up team, proposed as agenda items at the general business meeting, and discussed by the entire community.
If the Job Description is approved the Start-Up team becomes an Authorized Team.
Membership: Teams are open to any member of the community to join. If the team has too few or too many members or does not have the appropriate resources (time, information and skills) to accomplish their work the team should notify the Coordination Team. Any member of a team can resign from a team at any time without the need of approval from the team or the community.
Roles in Teams
Convener: The person responsible for convening team meetings and for communicating meetings schedules and agendas to the wider community.
Recorder: Team recorder takes the team minutes at meetings and distributes draft minutes to all team members for revision. Once revised, recorder posts team minutes to the entire community.
Point(s): Point person(s) are members of a team who have taken responsibility of a specific task for the team. The point person agrees to keep the team informed on the progress of the task, to notify the team of any changes in timeline, scope of work, or the completion of the task.
Responsibilities of Teams:
Teams are responsible for focusing on tasks related to the activities in their job descriptions.
Teams are responsible for gathering and including input from non-team members regarding decisions and actions to be taken by the team.
Teams are responsible for proposing decisions and actions for community approval when they significantly impact the entire community.
Teams are responsible for crafting a general work plan with anticipated timelines for completion of tasks.
Teams are responsible for reporting to the entire community in a timely manner their activities, through team reports and minutes.