Policy Example: Common House Use

  1. COMMON HOUSE USE (2/28/98) (last CH Committee revision 1/03)
    1. Common House Committee has authority to revise the Common House Use Policy without General Meeting approval. (2/28/98)
    2. The following guidelines are for use of the Common House by Members, Associate members and Renters having a community or non-community function. All are responsible for guidelines being carefully followed and should ask for instruction or clarification if there is any uncertainty or doubt.
    3. The CH is a no pets, no smoking building, including the guest rooms.
    4. Use of the kitchen and masonry heater (fireplace) require special instruction. Members, be sure that your guests and sponsorees have been correctly instructed.
    5. The building must be left as clean as or cleaner than before use. This includes:
      1. KITCHEN: washing and putting away dishes, pots, etc in their proper places, sweeping and mopping the floor, emptying and rinsing out the compost bucket
      2. DINING ROOM: wiping tables and drink counter; sweeping floor and mopping or spot mopping as necessary; putting furniture back in its original arrangement
      3. KIDS’ ROOM - straightening up; cleaning any messes
      4. BATHROOMS - checking fro general neatness and cleaning
      5. TRASH - taking all trash to the dumpster in north parking lot
    6. Turn off all lights, fans, and turn down thermostats to 60 degrees (in winter). Close fireplace only if there are no coals left.
    7. Be respectful of other community members in regard to noise and parking. Ask guests to park along entryway drive before the Common House. Quiet is to be observed after 10pm on the paths, parking lots, Common House porch and deck, and in the Common House when guest rooms are occupied. Only the first bathroom is to be used by other than Common House guest room guests when guests are using the rooms. Because of the proximity of the Common House to our individual homes and the frequent use of the guest rooms, the Common House is not appropriate for late-night parties.
    8. When sponsoring a non-member group, the member sponsor must sign a Common House Use Agreement Form prior to the event and to see to it contributions are paid if called for. Supervise following of all regulations. Also, write in event on calendar and fill out Common House Use slip to Michael Dover.
    9. Put away clean dishes, pans, wine glasses, etc