Policy Example: Committees & Work Teams

1 Committees and work teams make decisions by consensus. Any decision of a committee/work team may be appealed by any member, first to that committee/work team and, if no resolution is achieved, to the General Meeting.

2 Committees: (The community has not approved any general statement about the responsibilities and powers of committees except that implied by their budgets).

Annex Building: development and use of the wood shop/arts & crafts building

Buildings & Grounds: maintenance, repair and improvement of our buildings and grounds, and to contract with vendors to meet those needs; trash, recycling and snow removal

Common House: beauty, order and the well-functioning of the Common House and all its spaces.

Communications: communication among members, including the calendar, phone, email and birthday lists, phone tree, the bulletin boards, and newsletter.

Community Support: helps the community deal with emotional and controversial issues; helps individuals mediate conflicts. Offers mediation, clearness and listenings.

Design Review: reviews changes/additions to buildings and other community landscape features

Finance: collect funds, pay bills, prepare and oversee budgets; maintain adequate reserves; legal and insurance concerns
Garden: the development and use of the gardens; compost

Hub: to oversee the accomplishment of the basic community work by the work teams and committees..

Kids: the quality of life of the children in the community; maintain any specifically designated kids spaces; arrange for child care for community meetings and events

Meals: maintain the kitchen and food storage areas; organize the community meal system

Landscape: planning, development and use of the land, particularly in relation to perennial planting.

Laundry: maintain the laundry space

Library: develop and maintain the community library

Membership: maintain the waiting list and relations with Associate Members; respond to inquiries about the community

Office Owners: use of the office building

Social: consider the social life of the community; specifically to arrange activities for community holidays and retreats, arrange a rotation of social events hosted by committees or work teams
Steering responsible for tracking community issues, preparing agendas for, and finding facilitators for General Meetings.

3 Work Teams
Work Team A: Rotate through a variety of community work.

Work Team B: Rotate through a variety of community work.

Work Team Monday: Cook and clean Monday meals.

Work Team Wednesday: Cook and clean Wednesday meals.

4 Ad Hoc Committees are temporary groups appointed by the General Meeting to research particular topics and generate proposals, or to accomplish a certain short term task. Ad Hoc committees may have a chairperson, or simply a convener who agrees to schedule the meeting(s) of the committee.

5 Social groups may be organized to meet the needs and wants of members of the community. These groups are important to the well-being of the community, but they serve only at the will of their participants and have no delegated power or responsibilities.