Policy Example: Common House: Guest Room Policy

Our Community maintains two guest rooms for the free use of members' family and friends. To reserve a room call ______________.

• Before your guest arrives it's a good idea to check the room to be sure it's ready. If your friend will not arrive until late it’s suggested that the door to the room they will be using be closed and a "reserved" sign be hung on it.

• There are two signs that say “Guest Rooms are occupied, please be quiet.” They can be hung on the railing of the stairs to the library and on the entrance to the guest room wing.

• Please ask guests to return used towels to their room and not leave them hanging in the bathroom so that you can wash them, too.

• After the guest leaves, on the same day, the host is asked to strip the bed and make it up with clean linens which are stored in the dresser in each room. The used sheets should be washed and returned to the drawers ASAP. The room should be tidied and left ready for the next visitor.

• Before leaving the room please initial and place on the bed a slip of paper indicating that you have made it up freshly. These are in a folder on the dresser.

• There is no charge for the use of rooms by members if they are entertaining friends or family. If you re so moved, you can make a contribution in the envelopes provided.

• Acquaintances or business associates etc. are asked to pay $25 per night and to change their sheets but not wash them. Their used sheets should be placed in the pillow case and left in the hall outside their room.