Policy example: Annex Use Policies

by Annex committee fall 2002

1. No children under 18 unsupervised in the annex.

2. Individuals unfamiliar with the use of power tools need to get training from someone on the annex committee on the use of the power tools.

3. Lights off and power off on leaving
Sign in for all work performed in the annex on the sheet on the wall.

4. No storage of materials or tools in or around the annex without prior approval.

5. Materials left unlabeled in or around the annex are for public consumption or can be disposed of after notice is given.

6. Projects left unlabeled and dated for more than a month will be disposed of after an announcement has been made in the newsletter and on the board in the common house.

7. Projects should be placed out of the way so that others have access to the machines, work space and work tables

8. Large projects that dominate the space need prior approval and need to be coordinated with the committee

9. Rental of the space needs to be approved by the committee

10. Commercial use of the annex is generally limited to members on a reduced fee basis.

11. Commercial use of the space by non-community members requires committee approval

12. The space needs to be returned to its original condition (cleaned) after use.

13. No flame activities are allowed without committee approval (cutting torches; soldering; welding etc.)

14. Proper safety equipment is to be used at all times.

15. The community assumes no liability for activities or injuries sustained within the annex