Construction nears completion

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Elderberry Cohousing
North Carolina

Our adult co-housing community in rural North Carolina, just north of Durham, will be complete soon!
Eleven households are on-site, five more homes are under construction, including the one that could be yours (two are available.)
We have built our own Common House, which gets plenty of use for great meals, overnight guests and events.
Our members are an engaged, hands-on, active group of adults building this unique rural co-housing eco-village. Many of us hold outside jobs. Some of us still have time to raise chickens and work on our community's gardens. Being near Durham also offers all kinds of entertainment and cultural activities.
All of us are committed to supporting our community and caring about our neighbors at Elderberry.
If you’d like to visit and learn about how to join this vital community and have the opportunity to purchase one of the two remaining homes, go to or call Rosemarie Sawdon 336-364-0386 or Mary Bennett 336-364-4173 to arrange a visit.
We will also be a part of the National Cohousing Open House Day from noon - 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 29. That day, the following day and the next weekend, noon - 5 p.m., we will also be part of the Triangle Green Home Tour. Come join us for refreshments and tours! We will also have a table at the 2017 National Cohousing Conference in Nashville on May 19-21.
Come see us about our last two available homes!!


Rosemarie Sawdon

<sawdon [at] msn [dot] com>

The homes on Elderberry's north side.
Fun times converting tobacco barn to woodworking shop.
Some of our happy chickens
North Carolina provides plenty of outings.
We do our own landscaping.