Two Lovely Homes in Fantastic Vermont setting

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The Commons at Windekind

The Commons at Windekind, a nine parcel cohousing community, is being created on a stunningly beautiful 132-acre Vermont landscape of forest and meadow called Windekind Farm. It adjoins 24,000-acre Camel’s Hump State Park, yet is only 25 miles from Vermont’s biggest and most cosmopolitan city, Burlington, recognized by the United Nations as a “model of sustainability.” The property includes a 14-acre south-facing meadow, woodlands, 3 streams, ponds, gardens, wetlands and access to about 30 miles of hiking and Nordic ski trails that go high into the Green Mountains. The hallmark of our landscape is its diversity and our life long work devoted to landscaping and gardening.

We are located in Huntington Vermont, a community of about 2,000 people well known as a strong, very tight knit community with outstanding schools, many artisan farms and garden operations and its independent and progressive politics.

Two of the nine parcels, have buildings called Breidablick and Campanula, both were originally built as long term vacation rentals but will be retrofitted into comfortable and interesting family homes. The costs of Breidablick and Campanula cottages are $340,000 and $500,000 respectively. This price also includes the parcel that the buildings sit, the 1/9th share of the 132-acre Common Land and the permit and development costs. We estimate that yearly community fees to be about $1000.00 including the taxes on Common land.

The overall cost of owning a parcel and the 1/9 share of the 132 acre Commons land ranges from $130,000 to $170, 000, including all permit and infrastructure costs.

Borrowing from our friends in the Adirondacks, Scandinavia and elsewhere in Vermont, Breidablick and Campanula were built by an outstanding team of artisans, they celebrate old world craftsmanship while being a highly livable, comfortable and useful spaces to live in. The buildings embody the dignity of the traditional crafts like timber framing and highly detailed interior finishes that combine with the simple elegance and practicality of contemporary design including being very maintenance free and energy efficient.

If you want to learn more go to our web site Windekind's Website and its section on the Commons: The site contains many photos of the farm and the area along with more detailed descriptions of the project. Or pick up the phone and give us a call at 802-434-4455 or E-mail us at: Mark [at] windekindfarms [dot] com.

Windekind is aesthetically uplifting, culturally rich, and environmentally and economically sustainable, a great place to grow a community.

Come join us, we would love to hear from you.

Mark and Marijke


Mark Smith

mark [at] windekindfarms [dot] com

(802) 434-4455

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Country cottage in Vermont
Country cottage in Vermont
timber frame at Campanula
Scandinavian influenced design- Breidablick.