RARE Land & Housing Opportunity

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Gibson and Pilot
High Rolls
New Mexico

Imagine 34 acres of mountain surrounded by 1.5 million acres of Nat’l forest, with 3 spacious light-filled geodesic domes! Gaze over distant plains and stunning sunsets, enjoy nourishing fresh air and sweet spring water, economy of living and room to roam - this land is not just a place, it’s a feeling. Freedom, tranquility, security, privacy, private home or co-housing opportunity - this place has it all!

In an area rich with history, this very unique property lies at about 7500 feet elevation in the Sacramento Mountains, near High Rolls NM. It has been occupied by one family for many years but it is also an unparalleled community living opportunity. With income potential it could be run as a Retreat Centre, B&B - whatever you can dream!

One side of the property is flanked by Westside Road which is maintained by the US Forest Service. Immediately across that road we have another 16 undeveloped acres which we may consider selling as a separate parcel. The land faces the Tularosa Basin. White Sands and the San Andres mountains are actually visible from here – the views are amazing! The nearest neighbors are roughly 9 miles away. High Rolls is about 20 minutes down the road, and Alamogordo and Cloudcroft are about 45 minutes away.

Rising up behind this unique homestead is the rim of the Sacramento Mountains some 1500' higher in elevation. The surrounding wilderness is populated by deer, elk, turkey, bear, fox - all manner of wild animals and birds. It is designated Unit 34, and it's possible to get a land owner elk permit. From hardy Ponderosa Pine and craggy Alligator Juniper to endangered plants such as the Sacramento Mountain Thistle, this fascinating terrain will never cease to inspire! Numerous marked hiking trails are in the surrounding territory and several observatories are within easy driving distance. The night skies here are magnificent! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SacramentoMountains(NewMexico) for more info on this spectacular terrain!)

This large complex consists of three geodesic domes that have been connected to create one sprawling home with nearly 7330 square feet of living space. Originally designed for use as a retreat center, the 2 larger domes offer multiple rooms and open living space, and the smaller dome offers private living quarters. In total there are 7 huge bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 2.5 kitchens, 3 large living areas, and multiple smaller rooms and spaces. The layout provides for single family or communal living, and there are numerous other building sites on the land to allow for expansion.

The small dome also has a cupola which forms a 3rd floor lookout. Currently used as an artist’s studio, the view is spectacular day and night. A big outdoor deck spans the front of all 3 domes, and in the center there's an outdoor hot tub overlooking the canyon. The set up as it exists can be configured in a multitude of ways depending on # of families involved and how private they wish to be.

There is a well, but the mountain spring water source has been supplying the property for 120 years. Water rights allow for domestic and agricultural use, and the permit costs about $80 per year. It is very pure and healthy alkaline water. The extensive septic system was designed to handle large groups. Electricity comes through the local co-operative, but could be sold back if you wanted to keep the line and develop alternate power sources.
This is a perfect location for anyone interested in setting up a shared housing situation, where freedom and beauty, privacy and the potential to live fully off grid are key. And if you prefer to use public utilities, they are there as well.

Property is sold ‘As Is’ at 775,000 with all existing household goods, including but not restricted to: a custom made cherry dining table to seat 12, + 2 other dining tables, a dozen twin beds/bedding (all good condition), chairs, sofas, dressers, antique furniture, appliances, wood/pellet/gas stoves, gym equipment, large built in Cannon gun safe, assorted household goods, kitchen items, ornaments… You can move in tomorrow!

Put this in perspective - 3 families pay 260,000 each and take immediate possession. Then sell off as many additional lots as you wish. It's entirely your vision!

House is fully livable as is, however interior is dated and you may wish to do some cosmetic repairs.


Douglas or Liliane

lily [at] lilianepilot [dot] com

hiking, fresh spring water, magnificent vistas, fresh air, tranquility, security, huge living space...
Small dome - big space! This shows the center spiral staircase to the loft with bedroom, study and bathrm/jacuzzi. A second spiral staircase goes up to the cupola where sunsets, vistas and stars abound!
Looking down from the loft in the small dome - small becomes relative! Comfortable, practical, spacious yet cosy - a perfect home!
Large dome features 4 very large bedrooms and two full baths. Turn around from where this photo is taken and you will think you are in a ballroom! Massive living room and open kitchen area give this one-of-a-kind dwelling all the space you will need
Co-housing, private home, secluded, peaceful, safe, on or off grid, freedom - this place has it all!