Home for Sale in Family-Fantastic Wild Sage Cohousing

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Wild Sage Cohousing

Wild Sage is one of the best known cohousing communities in CO and possibly the US because of its unique setting and structure. 34 households share laughs and love within walking distance of the Rocky Mountain foothills.

Boulder certainly has a lot to offer, but Wild Sage is a truly exceptional experience. Combined, they make for the kind of place you can imagine spending a lifetime in - especially if you have or are planning on having small children.

A shared woodshop, hot tub, family room with air hockey and movies, guest rooms, commercial kitchen, kids' play area and climbing wall, bee hive, and more are all part of the physical stuff you get at Wild Sage. What's truly memorable, though, are the joy and support that you get by being a part of a community that frequently has nights out on the town, Easter egg hunts, barbecue parties, and DAILY romps on the common green where children play capture the flag, ninja dodgeball, and cops and robbers until sunset.

If you've dreamed of a community where people value family, friendship, and fun, AND you've wanted to live in a city that values mindfulness, sustainability, personal development, and health, then you it's time to look at Wild Sage Cohousing in Boulder, CO.

Homes in this community are rarely for sale, so you owe it to yourself and your family to take a look and see if it's a fit for where you are now and where you want to be!

Wild Sage for Sale page: http://wildsagecohousing.org/for_sale_rent.htm
(Redfin listing link is at the bottom where it says "Click here for the listing and contact info.")


Bruce Drogsvold

bruced [at] wkre [dot] com


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View of front of home.
Living room and kitchen.
View from the common green.
Common House view from common green.
Common House dining room and kitchen.