Aging Successfully, Study Group 1 Online Facilitator Training

Age in place successfully.
Understand the economics of senior living choices.
Take charge of co-care, co-healing, and outside assistance.
Strengthen the bond between body and soul, individual and community.
Appreciate the interlocking roles of community life and quality of life.
Work effectively to achieve common goals.
Create a meaningful living legacy that transcends the generations.
If you are interested in facilitating a change in attitude and seeing proactive results in your community, this is your chance. In our years of experience, we have found that the more trained SG1 facilitators there are in one area, the more momentum and support each has to create senior cohousing for themselves and others. In the vein of creating community, the training is about creating a web of resources for everyone to take advantage of.

Wednesdays, Oct 11 - Dec 13
9:30am - 12:30pm PST (3 hrs)

The class will meet online through weekly group conversations and check-ins
Weekly support and prep material, including news articles, worksheets, and essays sent out before each meeting.
Access to some of the most compelling case studies by McCamant & Durrett Architects.
Study Group 1 Participant and Facilitator Guides will be sent to you prior to course.
After completion, a certificate will be mailed to each participant.

Cost: $700. Sign up now and take advantage of the Early Bird discount $600.
If you want to see the people who cared for and contributed to your town stay in your town, this is relevant to you. Visit our website for more details and to sign up. To speak with others who have done Study Group 1 in the past, we can connect you.

Contact Lindy at info [at] cohousingco [dot] com.
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