Policy-Organization Structure & Bylaws

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Several years ago there was a post on Cohousing-L related to the community's legal documents that were written in "legalese." I had recently researched Plain English for Lawyers for a neighbor. She was a single parent trying to set up legal guardianship and financial oversight for her daughter in...
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A sample Operating Agreement presented by Jonathan Klein at the 2008 Cohousing Conference: Download
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 Division 1 -- Duties of Owners, Tenants, Occupants and Visitors 1          Payment of strata fees (1)  An owner must pay strata fees on or before the first day of the month to which the strata fees relate. Interest will accrue on late payment of strata fees at the rate of 10...
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Incorporating those changes made 21 July 1989, 3 October 1986, and December 1996. ARTICLE I The name of the Corporation is TWIN OAKS COMMUNITY, INCORPORATED. ARTICLE II In order that the residents of Twin Oaks may achieve and preserve a clearer perception of community and...
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1 Occupancy in and use of the Condominium and its common areas is limited to owners, their guests, and such renters as are permitted 2 These Agreements and bylaws shall apply to all owners, renters, and guests residing within or using the common areas or facilities of the Condominium. 3 Unit...
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1 No unit owner shall do or permit to be done anything in or about his or her unit or in common areas which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other unit owners, it being the intent that the Cherry Hill Condominium shall be a residential community wherein all residents shall...
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