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PETS. We decided to include our county animal regulations verbatim. They include: Infractions: Animal Noise: For any person(s) to own any animal which by its barking, howling, baying, squealing, crowing, crying, bleating, screeching, or making any other noise by its volume or...
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Proposal Name:         Creekside Commons Pet Rules Proposal Number:     1 Distribution Date:     October 3, 2005 Committee:                General Meeting Contact Name:           Pam Munroe   dpmunroe@telus.net   Decision Type:                       Long Term  High Impact  ...
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Pets (approved at community meeting, oct. 15/06) 1. Pets are valued members of the community. Members of the community should be able to enjoy pets. 2. Pet owners must take primary responsibility to ensure that their pets do not disturb or become a nuisance to others. Other...
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