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After World War Two, my grandmother and her husband fled Hungary as refugees to New York City with nothing but their suitcases. They got jobs at an assembly line in a paper cup factory and toiled for many years towards the American Dream. But their dream was cut short when my grandfather suddenly...
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Editor's Note: Annie Lehman has joined the Coho/US Board of Directors. Welcome to Annie! Having never lived in an intentional community (college doesn't count), I don't know what it will feel like when I move next April to PDX Commons, a senior (I prefer to say boomer) cohousing project...
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Become a sponsor! Click here for sponsorship opportunities. We thank our generous sponsors for their commitment to nurturing and growing cohousing. Sustaining Sponsors Supporting Sponsors Community Sponsors
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Intensives and tours may require an additional fee. Thursday, May 18, 2017: Pre-Conference Intensives 8:30am - 4:30 pm Intensives - Full Day Building a Better Meeting: Facilitation Skills for Everybody: Laird Schaub...
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Keynote Speaker Sarah van Gelder – Keynote "We evolved to live in community, and that seems to be the scale where we can best navigate the complexities of life-experiences of people not like us, the fragility and resilience of the web of life that surrounds us. When we live connected to a...
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This Thanksgiving break, I’ve been especially grateful for my cohousing bubble. When I drive home in the dark at 6pm after a long business trip, I look up the hill and appreciate seeing the lights on in the common house. My worries and concerns of the external world stay outside the door as I...
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Many of us are in shock with the national political news; others of us may feel pleasantly surprised. It was helpful to me to listen to Margaret Manning morning show out of Geneva with "Sixty and Me," a global network of women whose organization would like to support cohousing, with her...
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Conference Venue = Millennium Maxwell House Hotel Nashville 2025 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville, Tennessee, 37228 For discount rate rooms ($169) at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel, please speak with the In-House Reservations Manager, Slavko Kozul at 615-313-1376. In-House Reservations Manager...
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COME JOIN US – May 19-21, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee Since the first American cohousing communities opened in the early 1990’s, more than 164 communities have been built, with a hundred and thirty in process. Small and large, urban and rural, newly built and retrofits, these communities have...
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