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“The most reliable wealth is found in relationship. I aim to live a life as connected and courageous as possible.” Always exciting to see cohousing enter the national dialogue in new, engaging ways. This week, Courtney Martin of Temescal Commons Cohousing in Oakland has stirred up a number of...
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"Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community" (click for preview trailer) is a new documentary by Alan O'Hashi, a filmmaker and resident of Silver Sage in Boulder, CO. Alan's film includes interviews on aging in community with six of his cohousing neighbors. Visit his website to learn more about Alan'...
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Published on May 30, 2015
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I’m excited to introduce a new project recently launched at CoHousing Partners: in Nevada City, CA. I’ve started a Q...
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Building Community with Cohousing is an entertaining, informative, heart-warming and inspiring look the Cohousing
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A poignant and humorous description of a teenager living in community.
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Fresno Cohousing residents and friends discuss the benfits of buying a cohousing home and living in a cohousing community. Children and adults enjoy leisure and private time. Eat together as friends and enjoy the benefits of sustainable living and green homes.
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As part of our Design Leaders video series, architect and cohousing expert Kathryn McCamant talks about a lesson learned from the Danes: Bringing houses together brings people together.
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