Goals: 2017 National Cohousing Conference

Goals for the 2017 National Cohousing Conference

Building Resilient and Sustainable Communities

  • Engaging participants in our agenda to grow and nurture cohousing
  • Advocating that cohousing play a key role in addressing today’s environmental, economic and social challenges

Inspiration & Learning

  • Training for those who are forming or building
  • Sharing enhanced models for established communities
  • Introducing the cohousing model and how to incorporate

Effective Networking

  • Building camaraderie and nurturing passion
  • Sharing stories/best practices - learning from each other

Spawning More Cohousing Development

  • Accelerating cohousing in Nashville; boosting local efforts
  • Generating interest/excitement among developers and public officials

Educating the Public

  • Expanding recognition and appreciation of cohousing benefits
  • Increasing the national presence and credibility of Coho/US

Involving our Collaborative Partners

  • PFAC/Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing
  • CRN/Cohousing Research Network
  • Aging in Cohousing
  • FIC/Fellowship for Intentional Community
  • 500 Communities
  • Memel.Global

Ensuring Financial Sustainability

  • Securing scholarships to support low income, student and diverse participation
  • Cultivating sponsorships from cohousing communities, professionals and aligned organizations