Cohousers in Politics (Eris Weaver)

Facilitated by Eris Weaver

Facilitated Discussion Description

How does local politics affect cohousing? How do cohousers affect politics? Presenter/instigator Eris Weaver has been pondering these questions since her appointment to the Cotati (CA) Design Review Board and subsequent run for City Council. During the development process she often viewed these entities as opponents or roadblocks…sitting on the other side of the dais has produced quite a different point of view! She now uses her insider knowledge to advise others on how best to work with the city. She’ll be joined by a panel of cohousers who hold/have held public office or run political campaigns. After each briefly shares their experiences and what they’ve learned from them, we’ll open it up for general conversation. Bring your questions and concerns!

About the Presenter

Eris Weaver is a founding member of FrogSong (Cotati, CA). As a facilitator, mediator and trainer, she’s worked for Cohousing Partners and consulted with two dozen cohousing communities in different stages of development. She’s served on the Board of the Cotati Chamber of Commerce and is Vice Chair of Cotati’s Design Review Committee. While her 2016 run for City Council was unsuccessful, she is proud to have been endorsed by both the North Bay Labor Council and North Coast Builders Exchange – two organizations who typically hold opposing views!
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