10 Years Later: Lessons Learned from a Senior Cohousing Community (Jim Leach, Annie Russell and Alan O'Hashi)

Presented by Jim Leach, Annie Russell and Alan O'Hashi

Session Description

What if 25 seniors from around the country met as total strangers and decided they wanted to live and age together in an intentional neighborhood? That's what happened 10 years ago when Silver Sage Village (Boulder, CO) became one of first senior cohousing communities in the country. Of the original residents, three have passed away, one has moved into a long-term Alzheimer's care facility and 50% of the homes have resold. Silver Sage Village resident and developer Jim Leach and former resident Annie Russell will be on hand to recount the "good, the bad, and the ugly" of Silver Sage Village experiences over the past 10 years. Panel moderated by Alan O'Hashi.

About the Presenters

Annie Russell has been helping cohousing communities in community development, marketing and sales for over a decade. Working for Wonderland Hill Development Community she developed a comprehensive community building process and a Find Your New Neighbors workshop to help communities learn about sales and marketing. She has also collaborated with Katie McCamant and Bryan Bowen. Annie was a founder and resident of both Wild Sage and Silver Sage in Boulder, CO.

Jim Leach is the president of Wonderland Hill Development Company and has lead the company in developing over 20 cohousing communities in Colorado, California, Arizona, and Washington. He is a builder with over 50 years experience in the design, construction and development of sustainable, planned neighborhoods. Jim and his wife Brownie live in Silver Sage Cohousing in Boulder, CO where they have been creatively participating in and learning about the senior cohousing living experience for the past ten years.

Alan O'Hashi, MPA, resides in Silver Sage Village cohousing in Boulder, CO. He's a seasoned cultural competency/conflict resolution trainer most recently at the "Dealing with Diverse Personalities" retreat in Arizona. He's developing the Lincoln Court Mixed Use Intentional Community in Cheyenne, Wyoming.