The Triple Play: integrating Development, Marketing, and Community Building (Annie Russell & Jim Leach)

Presented by Annie Russell & Jim Leach

Session Description

Community is the secret sauce that adds real value to every aspect of your cohousing community. To realize that value, building your community, not just your buildings, needs to be baked into every aspect of your development process. Jim Leach, Annie Russell, and Katie McCamant pioneered this integrated approach to development more than a decade ago and have proved its value many times over. Learn how this process of integrating design, development, sales and marketing and community building can help your community be more fun for early members, and more valuable and attractive for potential buyers.

You will be energized by ideas, and supported by tools you can begin to use right away. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers from these experienced professionals that can be applied to your project immediately. Learn from these professionals who have successfully built 22 communities how to get the most value for your community while avoiding common pitfalls.

About the Presenters

Annie Russell has been helping cohousing communities in community development, marketing and sales for over a decade. Working for Wonderland Hill Development Community she developed a comprehensive community building process and a Find Your New Neighbors workshop to help communities learn about sales and marketing. She has also collaborated with Katie McCamant and Bryan Bowen. Annie was a founder and resident of both Wild Sage and Silver Sage in Boulder, CO.

Jim Leach is the president of Wonderland Hill Development Company and has lead the company in developing over 20 cohousing communities in Colorado, California, Arizona, and Washington. He is a builder with over 50 years experience in the design, construction and development of sustainable, planned neighborhoods. Jim and his wife Brownie live in Silver Sage Cohousing in Boulder, CO where they have been creatively participating in and learning about the senior cohousing living experience for the past ten years.