Preparing for Climate Change in Community (Herb Simmens & Bryan Bowen)

Presented by Herb Simmens & Bryan Bowen

Session Description

Cohousing communities have the opportunity to play an important role in helping to mitigate climate change, in addition to creatively working to minimize the impacts of climate change on our communities and the larger region. One potentially powerful way is through the divestiture of our reserve funds from investments in fossil fuels. Hear how one community became a national pioneer in divesting its reserves.

About the Presenters

Herb Simmens, a resident of Eastern Village in Silver Spring Maryland for over 8 years, most recently owned a wellness center in Washington, DC. He previously led a non profit focused on climate change, was the head of the planning office for the state of New Jersey for 10 years, and taught urban planing and design at several colleges and universities. He published a book on climate change earlier this year (2017) entitled A Climate Vocabulary of the Future.

Bryan Bowen is a Colorado-based architect and principal at Caddis Architecture who designed Germantown Cohousing in Nashville, and is a leader with Memel.Global, the first cohousing community in Africa. Since 1995, Bryan has been dedicated to the design of neighborhoods and eco-buildings, all with the vision of making baby steps towards a sustainable permaculture planet. Bryan maintains community involvement through layers of volunteerism and sits on the Wild Sage Cohousing HOA board, where he lives with his family. In addition to his niche in cohousing, his work includes single family homes, eco-retrofits, multifamily housing, mixed-use projects, community planning, and commercial work.