Cutting Edge Resiliency in Cohousing (Bryan Bowen, Jenny Godwin & Ma'ikwe Ludwig)

Presented by Bryan Bowen, Jenny Godwin & Ma'ikwe Ludwig

Session Description

So you’ve built this green community, now what? Many cohousing groups place sustainability considerations front-and-center, incorporating green features in their construction and development process. But what happens after the groundbreaking, the grand opening? Based on a recent survey of cohousing communities, we’ll report on what communities are doing right now to combat climate change, and highlight climate leaders in the cohousing world. You’ll gain an understanding of potential practices your own community can incorporate, and perhaps you’ll have a suggestion to add to the mix too!

About the Presenters

Bryan Bowen is a Colorado-based architect and principal at Caddis Architecture who designed Germantown Cohousing in Nashville, and is a leader with Memel.Global, the first cohousing community in Africa. Since 1995, Bryan has been dedicated to the design of neighborhoods and eco-buildings, all with the vision of making baby steps towards a sustainable permaculture planet. Bryan maintains community involvement through layers of volunteerism and sits on the Wild Sage Cohousing HOA board, where he lives with his family. In addition to his niche in cohousing, his work includes single family homes, eco-retrofits, multifamily housing, mixed-use projects, community planning, and commercial work.

Jenny Godwin is media leader for CoHousing Solutions in Nevada City. She also provides her outreach and writing skills to communities in formation, aiding with their recruitment, publicity and branding. She serves as part-time Outreach Associate for Coho/US, assisting with marketing, social media, blogging, Conference planning, and more. Her passions lie in sustainable communities, renewable energy, and working to meet challenges posed by climate change. She considers herself a cohouser-in-training.

Ma’ikwe Ludwigis the Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture at Dancing Rabbit, and the Sustainable Communities Director for Commonomics USA’s Materialized Empathy project. She has done sustainability education work for over 25 years, and combines that experience with over 2 decades of intentional community living to create wholistic, practical education experiences. Maikwe also teaches group dynamics (including facilitation, cooperative leadership and consensus), and is a climate change activist. In 2007, she published her first book, Passion as Big as a Planet, which looks at the intersection between spiritual development and effective ecological activism. She is currently working on starting a new community in Laramie, Wyoming.