Endless Meetings or Efficiency in Design Decision-Making – The Workshop Approach (Mary Kraus)

Presented by Mary Kraus

Session Description

How can a group get the most out of their architect’s time and expertise?
How can design meetings be run efficiently, minimizing stress while creating a supportive environment where each member's voice is heard?
Mary Kraus will describe the participatory design approach that she and Laura Fitch evolved over decades of working with cohousing groups - a process centered around a series of weekend programming and design workshops on the topics of cohousing site, common house and units. She will explain why she thinks this is a win-win approach for architect and group with details and hands-on facilitation exercises.

About the Presenter

Mary Kraus is a cohousing architect who has been working with communities across North America since 1990. In collaboration with Laura Fitch, she pioneered a distinctive participatory process for cohousing design. She has served on the boards of the Cohousing Network and the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. Mary lives at Pioneer Valley Cohousing, the first cohousing community completed in the eastern US (in 1994) – lending daily personal insight to her work with cohousing groups. mary [at] marykrausarchitect [dot] com