Interpersonal Conflict: When to Intervene and When to Let Go (Ronnie Rosenbaum & John Rymers)

Facilitated by Ronnie Rosenbaum & John Rymers

Facilitated Discussion Description

All co-housing communities have some level of interpersonal conflict. Join in a conversation, sharing our collective knowledge and lessons learned. We will explore aspects of this issue that include: when should these conflicts and their resolution be limited to the individuals involved versus when are they the responsibility of the community; what are effective intervention strategies; how do power inbalances come into consideration; and what are the consequences of accepting and living with these conflicts.

About the Facilitators

Ronnie Rosenbaum, MS has lived in a multi-generational cohousing community since 1997 and is a resource for other intentional communities. She consults and facilitates about a variety of topics, such as developing inclusive yet efficient processes, decision-making, managing conflict, and improving communication. In addition, as a mediator, collaborative divorce facilitator, parenting coordinator and conflict coach, Ronnie assists families in the resolution of issues including those related to divorce, parenting, and aging.

John Rymers, MA, LPC
John has been living at Highline Crossing Cohousing Community since its inception in 1995. John has witnessed the good the bad and the ugly of forming and maintaining a cohousing community and has been involved for 20 years in nurturing and supporting the community culture at Highline Crossing, one of the oldest cohousing communities in Colorado. Professionally, John is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a trained mediator providing dispute resolution services in the domestic relations and elder care arenas.