Creating Traditions, Celebration and Ceremony (Catya Belfer)

Presented by Catya Belver

Session Description

This pre-conference session on Thursday evening at 7:30 - 9:00 pm is free and does not require registration. Please join us!

This is a participatory workshop in creating traditions, celebrations, and ceremonies for your community.

How do we create traditions? How do we mark the major life events of our members; births, coming-of-age, marriages, deaths? How do we celebrate groundbreaking or community anniversaries? How about birthdays, new jobs, or people moving in or moving out? Because we come together in community from different cultural and religious traditions, we must choose our own traditions. As a group, we decide what to celebrate and what to do. Some traditions can be small rituals – lighting a candle at the beginning of a business meeting, for example, or taking a moment in silence at the beginning of a community meal. Some can be much larger!

This session will give you the tools to create something meaningful within your own group when you return. You'll practice in small groups with words, objects, song, candles, and more. Bring your creativity with you!

We'll also talk about how we can respectfully and inclusively celebrate our own traditions with the community.

About the Presenter

Catya Belfer is part of Mosaic Commons, about an hour west of Boston in Berlin, Massachusetts. Catya works as a project manager and also builds websites for cohousing groups and others, including, the Cohousing Association of the US website. She is passionate about building connections between people and has been involved in intentional communities since 1994. On the non-technical side, she is fascinated by how we build community through ritual, tradition, and song. For more information, see

Additional Information

This pre-conference session is offered on Thursday, May 19, from 7:30 - 9:00 pm and does not require registration. Please join us!