Admit Mistakes

In principle, we know we are prone to make mistakes; it is part of being human. And we know that mistakes are our best teachers. Learning from small mistakes prevents big mistakes later. Yet we are prone to cover up our mistakes especially in our groups and make a mess of things.

Good group decisions require humility among group members. I serve my group when I say, “I don't have all the answers and I don't do everything right;” and when I say, “It's okay for others to not be perfect.”

Accepting that we are not perfect frees us to move on from mistakes without burden. Admitting mistakes helps us learn from them and let go of them.

Practical Tip: Be on honest watch for mistakes, perhaps a regular evening recount of the day's successes and mishaps. Try to isolate your mistakes from the mistakes or behaviors of others. Ask, “What was my part?” In the case of a mistake made, admit your mistake to yourself and at least one other person. If an apology is in order, do it.

Humility lightens our load and our outlook.