At home and in families

In principle, 90 percent of disease prevention and cure occurs at home and in families. We all practice health care. We help each other eat well and get rest, and we take care of each other when sick. Only sometimes do we see a doctor or some other medical professional.

Same with good group decisions – 90 percent of conflict prevention and resolution occurs at home and in families. We help each other see things differently, we settle arguments, and we offer compassion and advice to those in conflict. Similarly, in our jobs and in community groups, we all do the work of making good group decisions. Only sometimes do we hire a professional facilitator or mediator.

Practical Tip: Just as you take 90 percent of the responsibility for your own health and your family’s health, you can take 90 percent of the responsibility for peace and good decision-making in the groups to which you belong. To do it well, educate yourself about what really works and try to actually practice what you’ve learned. Also, self-diagnose. Ask yourself, “What did I do today that contributed to a more peaceful world? How could I do better?” Like a sick person visualizing being healthy, try to see yourself as a peacemaker. You do not need a professional license to practice.