In principle, groups make their best decisions when no single person knows what is best for the group. There is a sign in a meeting room that I know of: “No one in this room is smarter
than all of us.” When I go into a meeting already sure of what the outcome should be I am apt to focus on getting my way rather than on what is best for the group as a whole. Knowing in
advance how things should be closes off the potential that things could be better than I can imagine.

Practical Tip: At the start of every meeting, say to yourself: “I do not know what is best for the group.” Begin with an open mind and remain open-minded as long as possible. Maximize the
value of your contributions by giving up ownership of them. Release the need to take credit and the need to be a victim. Simply play your right-sized part as best you can and watch the group's best potential unfold.