Reflective Pause

In principle, it is rarely beneficial to say the first thing that comes to mind. Just because I think or feel something does not mean I have to say it. Even when there is a sense of urgency; especially when there is a sense of urgency, I am better off if I take time to breathe, reflect, and consider my words before speaking them.
A reflective pause helps me avoid saying something I will later regret. When I say regretful things it causes unnecessary tension and potentially huge inefficiencies in my group.
Practical Tip: In a group setting, honor a moment of silence before and after each comment, like bookends. If tensions in a group are dangerously high, call for a break or a few moments of silence before proceeding. As a group participant, refrain from hasty reactions.
Thank God I have learned the value of placing a pause between receiving and reacting. I have seen how the peacefulness of one breath can avert a windstorm of trouble.