Separate Process from Program

In principle, when group participants are allowed to manipulate the process to favor specific programs, it tilts power toward a few, limits creativity, and clogs efficiency. It is typical in Congress, state legislatures, and town governments, for instance, to spend a lot of time debating process issues, agenda setting, committee membership, and rules...often in order to influence the substance, or outcome.
To maximize efficiency, equality, and creativity, some groups hire a facilitator who works for the group as a whole and manages the process. This is like when sports teams agree to hire a referee so as NOT to spend time arguing the rules when time is precious, like in a game...or in a meeting.
Practical Tip: Separate process from program. Get a good facilitator to manage the process so all others can focus on program (the substance of your work). The facilitator may be from among the group and unpaid, but it is best if he or she does not have a stake in the outcome (the program) and can refrain from giving views. The participants should empower the facilitator as referee and thereafter focus on creative, win-win solutions.