Speak Your Truth and Let Go of the Outcome

In principle, an extremely valuable contribution I can make to a group decision is to discern my own “truth” and share it with the group. Deep inside, what do I really feel? This requires me to cut through the clutter of all that is on my mind. Discerning my truth requires me to be in touch with my feelings and to be honest with myself. Sharing my truth requires courage. Protecting myself requires detachment from the outcome. How others react to my truth is not my responsibility.
Practical Tip: Speak what is on your heart rather than what is on your mind. Do not get mired in calculating the consequences. Speak your truth and let go of the outcome. One way to be sure you are speaking truth: say only what you feel. No one can argue with what you feel.
Once I was in a meeting and spoke my truth. Afterwards, I became terribly afraid of the consequences. I asked someone, “Did I say the right thing?” The response came without hesitation. “How could you not have?” they replied. “You spoke from your heart.”