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Advice to Prospective Coho Visitors

When I lived in a "normal" house total strangers did not call me up and ask to visit. Cohousing is different. This happens all the time at Wolf Creek Lodge, a senior cohousing community in Grass Valley, CA. When we were a brand new community we thought this was kind of fun. We still love to have visitors but decided to include the following thoughts in our recent newsletter.

First of all what category of visitor are you?

Spreading the Coho Word

the coho forum audience

We at Wolf Creek Lodge recognize the need to educate those with an interest in cohousing. Only then will they be receptive to invitations to visit our community. We have had success in partnering with other cohousing communities and presenting Cohousing Forums. Earlier this month on July 10th Wolf Creek Lodge teamed with Phoenix Commons and others to present a “Senior Cohousing Forum – Cohousing for the 50+ Generation”.

Cohousing Forum – San Rafael

Wolf Creek Lodge, an established senior cohousing community in Grass Valley, CA and Phoenix Commons, a cooperative lifestyle community under construction on the Oakland waterfront, will be holding a senior (50+) cohousing forum in San Rafael on Saturday, July 12th.
We will hear from the experts - Charles Durrett will discuss architecture, Kathryn McCamant will talk about the financial considerations for those planning a community. You will also hear from those enjoying the cohousing lifestyle.

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