Supporting Coho/US: Language for Budget Line Item

Supporting Coho/US through annual contributions is a terrific way to ensure our association continues as a connector and clearinghouse to help our communities thrive.

I recently included this language in my Durham Cohousing's budget package as justification for continued annual support to Coho/US. Some of you may find this brief "case for support" helpful:

$300.00 - Annual dues to support the Cohousing Association of the US (Coho/US), which benefits Durham Cohousing by (1) serving as a vehicle for recruiting community members by providing credibility for the cohousing model, and attracting the public to cohousing; and (2) providing learning and networking opportunities through resources, conferences, and connections to the cohousing world to enhance our own community. Coho/US suggests each community contribute $300 or more per year, or $25 per person (the later would equate to $900).



I quite like this language,

I quite like this language, it's a clear and concise description of what a community would 'get' for their membership, which at my own community is often a hot topic at budget time!