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Adrienne & Tim from Mosaic Commons, by Diana CarrollThere are a lot of ways to get involved with the cohousing movement, and to connect with others. In the electronic world, you can sign up for emails from Coho/US, communities, and professionals or join cohousing-L, an email discussion list on all aspects of cohousing. You can find us on on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Check our calendar or Meetup for events near you. You can also use our Directory to find a community near you and get in touch, or check our Classified Ads for groups looking for members, or cohousing homes for sale.

Visit our list of Cohousing Professionals to find architects, developers, consultants, marketers, trainers, and others who can address the special needs of cohousing communities and forming groups.

Coho/US is always looking for passionate and talented folks to help us grow the cohousing movement, from spreading the word, writing for our blog, or conference planning. Visit our Volunteer Opportunities.

Coho/US is initiating a National Open House Day! Whatever these words may bring up for you, one thing is for sure - just as cohousing itself is a collaborative process and group effort, a living...
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The data for the Cohousing Directory listing and this map is maintained by the Fellowship of Intentional Communities. To add or edit your listing, follow these instructions. Be sure to zoom...
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If you’ve signed up for the Cohousing Conference, you may have chosen your intensives or mapped out your top picks for sessions. Well, if I could direct your eyes to the Networking Tab on the...
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Here’s a short excerpt from an article by Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing, a cohousing community forming in Eugene, Oregon, that first appeared in Communities magazine #164 (Fall 2014) – Community...
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Question: I would like to know the number of units of the smallest Cohousing communities and people's opinions about the smallest number of units necessary for a viable Cohousing community....
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The following listings are public events given by cohousing communities & organizations. Events are shown in their own timezones. Submit an event here.
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