Policy Example: Abandoned Motor Vehicles And Parts

Part 1. Abandoned motor vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) are not allowed on the Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community Site. An abandoned vehicle is one that is unregistered and uninsured for two consecutive months. The Buildings and Grounds Committee will attempt to notify the vehicle owner to determine if a vehicle is abandoned. Homeowners are responsible for any vehicles abandoned by renters or guests. At the end of two months the homeowner will be notified that they will have one week to remove the vehicle. At the end of the week, B&G will take any steps necessary to remove the vehicle. Any costs associated with removal will be charged to the owner or homeowner. Any request for an exception to this policy can be brought to B&G for consideration.

Part 2. No motor vehicle parts, including tires, shall be left in the parking lot for more than forty-eight hours.