Policy Example: Relationships & Responsibilities Agreements

These agreements intend to make explicit any assumptions we may have about expectations for living in the WindSong Cohousing Community. Every adult resident of WindSong is required to read the following statements, initial the bottom of each page, and to sign at the bottom of the last page to show agreement. These agreements must also be communicated to everyone of all ages in their household.

WindSong residents aspire to:

• relationships that provide physical and emotional safety for residents

• responsible conduct that safeguards our private and communal property

Agreements Related to Community Relations

WindSong residents aspire to live in harmony by being respectful, and responsible. Living close together requires special sensitivity to the privacy, needs and rights of others. By knowing each other well, we aspire to develop appreciation, trust, and respect for each other.

1. I agree to inform myself and to abide by all WindSong Community Bylaws, Policies and Guidelines.

2. I agree to show courtesy to my neighbors and to respect their comfort in common areas by taking responsibility for my own conduct and that of my children, my guests and my pets. Eg:

• to refrain from using foul or violent language in the presence of children

• to abide by WindSong’s “Guidelines on Tidiness” in common areas

• to ask permission before entering a neighbor’s house

• to refrain from harassment and/or ridicule

• not to engage in disruptive behavior in common areas

3. I agree to refrain from exposing children to any “adult content” materials (eg. books, pictures, magazines, films). When showing a film in a common area, I agree to post and/or circulate a description of the movie and its rating. I agree to ensure that children attending have permission from their parent(s) when appropriate. I have the responsibility and the right to exclude children from seeing a movie when the children do not have permission from their parent(s) to see it.

4. I agree to inform the community of additional residents joining my household.

5. I agree to inform the community of any patterns of behavior of anyone in my household that could negatively affect community security and relationships. I also agree to inform the community about how our household is dealing with such behaviors, and I also agree to be willing to hear and discuss my neighbors’ concerns in this matter.

6. I agree that if I wish to address a concern I have about the behavior of a resident, I will bring it up with the person concerned, and that if my concern is not addressed I can then use the Windsong Conflict Resolution process.

Agreements Re: Responsibilities for Personal & Communal Property

WindSong homeowners jointly own and are responsible for the community’s common property. This includes the exterior of our building, outdoor areas, the Common House (main floor, upper floor and underground areas), and the atrium streets. Common property also includes furniture, appliances, equipment, machinery, toys, clothing and decorations. We also bear responsibility for our treatment of our neighbours’ personal property, including that placed in limited common spaces, eg. in the atrium streets.

1: I agree to exercise care and responsibility toward WindSong’s common spaces and property as well as toward others’ private property. I will declare and make reparation for any damage caused by myself, my children, my guests or my pets to WindSong community property or to others’ private property.

2: I agree to abide by the rules (as posted or generally assumed) governing the use of all Common House and common property areas, rooms, furnishings, appliances and equipment.

3: I agree to take responsibility for cleaning up any mess created either through accident or in the normal use of common areas, either by me, by my children, by my guests and/or by my pets. Eg:

4: to clean up and put away dishes used in Common house

• to clean up food/drinks spilled in Common House, atrium streets, or in any part of our buildings

• to clean up mud brought into interior areas)

5. I agree to provide appropriate, responsible supervision of my children and/or my guests and my children’s guests in their use of common property.