Free Cohousing Presentation by Charles Durrett

Fair Oaks EcoHousing with Chuck Durrett & Katie McCamant
Fair Oaks EcoHousing with Chuck Durrett & Katie McCamant

Hello! For those in the Sacramento area, there's a free cohousing presentation this weekend.

Cohousing Presentation
Saturday, February 7th at 7pm
Fair Oaks Library: 11601 Fair Oaks Blvd
Free Admission
Download and share the Presentation Flyer

Presented by Charles Durrett of McCamant & Durrett Architects, co-author of Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves and author of The Senior Cohousing Handbook: A Community Approach to Independent Living. This presentation will feature pictures and stories based off his having designed over 50 cohousing communities in the United States, including Muir Commons, the first cohousing in North America. Durrett and his wife, Kathryn McCamant, were responsible for introducing cohousing to the United States.

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