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Caddis PC is a multidisciplinary design collaborative that explores how we may live more lightly upon our earth in beautiful and healthy environments. caddis was formed around a shared desire to align goals of social equity and environmental sustainability with beauty and delight.

We specialize in affordable, eco-community design with an emphasis on site planning that fosters long term community interactions and social health. We believe that community is the secret ingredient to lasting sustainability and that a rational fiscal approach, sound architecture, and long term durability are obligatory. Our expertise in net-zero energy homes, commercial, affordable housing, urban infill, and cutting edge ski-resort design informs and advances our cohousing projects. We are adept at customizing and adapting coho principals and concepts to improve other housing and development typologies.

Bryan Bowen leads caddis’ community design work and approaches it with a sense of humor and humility. Bryan has been a practicing architect since 1995, dedicated to the design of neighborhoods and sexy eco-buildings, all with the vision of making baby steps towards a sustainable permaculture planet. He is also a happy resident of Wild Sage Cohousing in Boulder.

In addition to full architectural services, we also offer insight and guidance in the discovery phase for forming groups, community master planning, energy modeling, and project visualization. caddis is a member of the USGBC and is LEED Certified, and is a Certified Passive House Consultant.

Caddis cohousing/cooperative housing projects include:
Wild Sage Cohousing, Boulder CO (with JLA)
Silver Sage Village Cohousing, Boulder, CO (fun collab with MCD)
Lyons Valley Village, Lyons, CO (planning and programming)
Glenwood Cohousing, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Germantown Commons, Nashville, TN
Cinema Court Affordable Housing, Moab, UT (coho + affordability)
Placitas Sage, Placitas, NM (forming)
Pope Street Reserve, St Helena, CA (forming)
Memel Organics Cohousing, Memel, Freestate, South Africa (forming)
Ostara (formerly North Haven) Co-op, Boulder, CO
Chrysalis Co-op, Boulder, CO
Masala Co-op, Boulder, CO

1510 zamia avenue #103
boulder, co 80304

p. 303-443-3629


Bryan Bowen

bryan [at] caddispc [dot] com