Ever Dream of Making Your Cohousing Passion a Profession?

CoHousing Solutions' 500 Communities Program
Join Us April 28th for an Intro Webinar

Cohousing groups across the country need project managers and marketing assistance to help them realize their dreams. CoHousing Solutions’ 500 Communities Program is halfway though its first year training. We’re starting to recruit for our next class!

We invite those interested to learn more about the Program to register for an Intro Webinar: Thursday, April 28 at 5pm PT. Click here to register.

This innovative, yearlong training is spearheaded by Katie McCamant, who has consulted on, designed or developed dozens of cohousing communities over the last three decades – including the first community built in the U.S., Muir Commons in Davis, CA.

This Program is for passionate entrepreneurs ready to devote themselves to the goal of building the next 500 communities while working collaboratively, supporting each other and making a good living. How will you contribute to make this vision a reality?

Professionals from all walks of life are invited to apply. Participants enter the Program with varied skills, from real estate development to marketing to community organizing - all learning the roles and skills to support creating new communities.

Interested? Join us for the April 28th Intro Webinar with Program Founder Katie McCamant. You'll have time to ask questions, and gain further insight into the skills we're looking for in Trainees, as well as those you'll gain during the Program. Register here to attend the webinar.