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Our inside knowledge combined with our professional experience with cohousing architecture creates an especially effective and comprehensive approach.

Fitch Architecture & Community Design is internationally recognized as one of the most experienced firms in cohousing programming and design. Working with over two dozen communities across North America, we have evolved an effective and enjoyable participatory process using workshops and design charrettes to help cohousing groups make decisions about programming, preliminary design, and community structure. Workshops can be an effective way to streamline the design process, bringing everyone together at critical phases; they serve to educate owner groups about design issues, focus creative energy, and facilitate efficient decision making.

In addition to the social issues central to community design, the ecological concerns of sustainability are a primary area of expertise at Fitch Architecture & Community Design. Cohousing groups increasingly include very high criteria for sustainability as part of their mission statement, and we have helped them to reflect these goals in the built community. Our deep understanding of ecological sustainability can help each group meet their goals within their site and budgetary constraints.

Laura Fitch has been a resident of Pioneer Valley Cohousing in Amherst, Massachusetts since 1994. Her long-term experience as a member helps her to understand the issues facing other cohousing groups, and gives her unique insight into the underlying interpersonal and group dynamics that affect the design process. Cohousing is what she has chosen, both personally and professionally, and she brings great enthusiasm and inspiration to her work with communities.

Our facilitation process models positive communication skills. Our goal is to help groups build their social community in the process of designing their physical community.


Laura Fitch

lfitch [at] facdarchitects [dot] com

Fitch Architecture & Community Design | Home - Community - Planet
ESTABLISHED COHOUSING ARCHITECTS: Over two dozen communities in North America. PROVEN PARTICIPATORY PROCESS: We make the hard work fun!
SUSTAINABLE DESIGN PIONEERS: Documented energy savings (ask us for the data)