Creating Cohousing in Southern Nevada

It’s not easy building or growing anything in a desert, and southern Nevada is no exception. But what manages to survive here, thrives and outlasts its more ephemeral counterparts. That describes our small but determined group of future cohousers. Just over one-year in existence, we seek like-minded souls who want to build the very first cohousing community in Nevada. Being the first in such a project takes vision, competence, persistence and a burning desire to improve the quality of life for ourselves as well as our immediate and expanded circles of neighbors and fellow citizens. Yep, that would be us!

Our LLC is in place, we’ve selected a possible site, and w held a workshop and a big public presentation last month to continue introducing this highly appealing way of life to all who want to learn more and consider being a part of this adventure.

We seek like-minded individuals who want to live in the uniquely appealing mix of high-tech urban culture and convenience and natural desert beauty that is Southern Nevada. We want the same commitment to healthy living, mutual respect and support, sustainability, collaboration, and the cultivation of community as all cohousing models, only we want to do it here in this invigorating urban desert climate (not to mention the favorable economic climate in Nevada).

Whether you already live in southern Nevada or are considering relocation, let’s start the conversation. Email us anytime at snvcohousing [at] gmail [dot] com with your questions. Help us spread the word to those who want first dibs when we break ground!