Reflections on Alice Alexander’s tenure from Peter Lazar

As Coho/US launches into a new phase with our new Executive Director, Karin Hoskin, this is a

good time to also reflect on how far the organization has come in recent years. It’s also a good

time to pause and appreciate the work of former Executive Director, Alice Alexander.

After unfortunate setbacks and bad luck, by early 2014 Coho/US found itself in a tenuous

position.  Revenue was slow, cash on hand meager, and activity levels marginal; the future of

Coho/US looked murky. Despite all that, in April 2014, Alice agreed to take the position of

Executive Director. From her home base in Durham Central Park Cohousing, she launched her

organizational rejuvenation program on all fronts simultaneously.

Relying on decades of management experience in the not-for- profit world, she completely

reorganized reorganized operations, led an increase in donations and advertising revenues;

modernized the website; and lead us in four successful national conferences (Boulder, Durham,

Salt Lake City, and Nashville).  The list goes on.  

Alice brought to Coho/US an authentic, infectious enthusiasm and optimism.  She advocated

cohousing at each available opportunity.  She was famous for accessibility and responsiveness:

most emails and phone calls were answered same day, or next day.  She made people want to

work with her.  She became a cheerful public face of the national cohousing movement.

Thanks to three years of Alice, Coho/US has been restored to financial stability, reliable

performance, and national credibility.  As of July, she has moved on to other ventures, and she

leaves Coho/US in very good shape for the next Executive Director, and the next round of

Directors.  The Board of Coho/US is intensely grateful for all she has done for us.  But this is not

the end of our relationship with Alice, for we know that, from her base in Durham NC, she will

stay engaged in many aspects of the cohousing lifeway and mission, and be joining us at future

conferences and other activities.  And, of course, we know where she lives.

Peter Lazar, President

For the Board of Coho/US



Alice did an absolute amazing

Alice did an absolute amazing job creating and encouraging structure within this organization. The good intentions had been there from the founding of CoHoUS and now the foundation is incredibly strong to keep us all moving forward. Thank you Alice, I look forward to seeing you again!

Alice is the Best!

Alice is the Best! When I first inquired about The Cohousing Association I met Alice. Alice was the face and good attitude of the cohousing movement and she made great first, second and forever impressions. She made things happen. Thank you, Peter, for a well worded and accurate description of all Alice has meant to us all and the cohousing movement.