Own a home or a parcel in Fantastic Vermont Setting

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The Commons at Windekind is distinguished by its small size, its commanding architecture and landscaping and a setting that is even by Vermont’s standards, second to few. Yet, we are only 25 miles from Burlington, Vermont's most cosmopolitan city that has won many awards for sustainability and as an outstanding places to live. The Commons is designed to appeal to families interested in outdoor recreation, farming, gardening, starting a business and creating a strong and vibrant local community based on Cohousing and Permaculture principles.

Our model of ownership includes nine individually owned house sites of approximately one acre. Each of the nine households will own a 1/9 share of the remaining 131 acres or the equivalent of 15.5 acres per family. Marijke and I will stay in our much loved Farm House as equal members. Two current rental cottages Breidablick and Campanula are for sale as part of the Commons, and six new homes owned by the new members, will be added.

You can learn more about our Community by going to our web site at www.windekindcommons.com. If you want to learn more about our two homes for sale please go to Breidablick at www.windekindcommons.com/introduction-2-3/breidablick and Campanula at www.windekindcommons.com/introduction-2-3/breidablick-2/ You can see our basic design and maps at Design and Maps at www.windekindcommons.com/design-maps/ There are many more details on the web site that we hope you will find helpful.

We would love to hear more from you.

Mark and Marijke.


Mark Smith

mark [at] windekindfarms [dot] com


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